Chilcote Primary School

A Rights Respecting School

Rewards at Chilcote

As you know the children at Chilcote School work hard. Therefore, staff believe they should be rewarded.

We have recently changed some of our rewards and have been trialling these changes since Christmas. This hand-out provides a brief explanation of what rewards the children are able to achieve during their time at Chilcote.

Special Award - This has now replaced the Head Teachers award, and it is celebrated every half term. On each occasion three children are chosen by the teacher, and their parents are invited to a special assembly to celebrate the children’s hard work. During the assembly the children and teachers are asked to share why they have been awarded the Special Award, and parents BEWARE, you may be asked to speak too!! Mrs Doherty will also select a few children from across the school who she has noticed doing outstanding work or showing the right attitude and values. These children will receive a ‘Headteachers Award’

Worker of the Week - This is presented to a child from each class once a week in Tuesday’s Phase assembly. Teachers are asked to choose a child whose work has shone through during the week.

Values Award - This is, where appropriate, presented to selected children once a week, during our Values assembly. Teachers are asked to choose a child who has shown consideration of and given thought to the Value for the month, for example ‘Patience.’

Accelerated Reading - Certificates are rewarded to children who have gained a certain number of points (please refer to the Accelerated Reading handout). The certificates children can achieve are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, with the Platinum certificates being awarded in the Special Assembly every half term.

 House points/Raffle tickets - One of our big changes this year is the introduction of raffle tickets which have replaced house points. Raffle tickets are rewarded to a child for excellent work, contribution in class or good behaviour. The raffle tickets that are given out are then collected by the House Captain every Friday and are counted to see which is the winning house for the week. As well as this, all of the raffle tickets gained for the week are placed in a class draw, and three names are pulled out. These three children then have the opportunity to choose a reward.

The ‘Golden Table’ . This initiative is new to the school, it involves rewarding children who show good manners or support for others during the lunch hour. Children will be selected by the Midday Supervisors or Catering staff; they will choose a friend to accompany them and when Golden Top Table is in service, they will have the privilege of sitting at a specially decorated table (tablecloth and all), with newly purchased matching plates and bowls, together with a ‘waitress/waiter’ service.

AIM HIGH postcards - These post cards are sent to the parents/carers of children who have demonstrated one or more of our seven learning principles. These are:

A - All together

I - Independent

M - Motivated

H - Healthy

I - Inspired

G - Generous

H - Happy

Rewards in the Early Years Foundation Stage   - Like the rest of the school, value certificates where appropriate and relevant are awarded in the children’s ‘Superstars’ assembly and every week two children are chosen to have a Superstars certificate. This is similar to the ‘Worker of the Week’ certificates and the children are chosen if they have shown exceptional work or effort during that week.

In addition to this, the children in Reception are rewarded stickers on a card for their good work and effort in class. On achieving 5 stickers a letter is sent home, on achieving 10 stickers a Bronze certificate is awarded. Children receive a Silver certificate for 15 stickers, a Gold certificate and a medal is awarded for 20 stickers..

Class points - To encourage the classes to work together class points are rewarded in every class from Nursery to Year 6. This encourages the children to work collaboratively, and it is a very popular way to be rewarded, Tallies are kept and the children know that they will be rewarded every time 20 class points have been achieved.

As you can see there are many incentives for the children to work hard and after trialling these the changes have proved to be successful. We will be monitoring our rewards   system regularly, to ensure the children are focused and wanting to achieve. We welcome your feedback on our new format.