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A Rights Respecting School


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Chilcote School continues to be successful in many ways; each year we have been able to identify and celebrate at least one significant success. In July 2018, we felt honoured to be awarded a regional ‘Outstanding Primary School of the Year’ award and the very tail end of the 2018-19 school year saw us achieve Gold Status in the context of the Rights Respecting Schools Initiative. We were thrilled that the assessors recognised all the hard work different stakeholders had played in achieving this. Of particular note were their comments about the children. The assessors were very explicit about the quality of responses and level of engagement the children have with this initiative. Their knowledge and understanding of their rights was exceptional. As you can imagine, we were immensely proud of them. What this award means in real terms is that all aspects of our provision are now underpinned by the UNCRC (United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child). Come and see us, look at our displays, speak to the children and staff and we hope you will see this for yourselves.




An official response from No.10 Downing Street, received in the first week of the new school year was the icing on the cake in terms of positive beginnings to 2019-20.



Well done to our current Year 4 pupils who wrote to share their views on the environment and climate change; a topic we all know that everyone has a part to play in order to effect change. The children’s views were clearly acknowledged and will hopefully trigger even greater commitment to change on their part. In the words of Nelson Mandela “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Whilst the school year 2019-20 started off very positively, none of us could ever have imagined the changes that occurred as a result of the pandemic. Like all schools, we had to muddle through the Lockdown period; a challenging time for all. But what we found, and of which we are immensely proud, is how the circumstances brought the community closer together. School has since re-opened to all pupils and the new academic year has got off to an excellent start. Chilcote continues to be a wonderful place to learn and to work.

We are looking forward to and anticipating another successful and productive year ahead. We invite parents/carers, old and new, to be part of and to contribute to this journey. For those who may be considering Chilcote School for September 2021, we welcome you in advance.

Looking forward to and anticipating another successful and productive year ahead. We welcome you to be part of and contribute to this journey.

Debbie Doherty

October 2020


All staff have very high expectations of pupil's performance and continuously seek new practice to improve and build on this, promoting independence. The pupils articulated their appreciation for the school and felt valued as individuals and spoke highly of their teachers. Parents commented highly on the relationships that the staff have with the pupils. They feel the school supports the family as well as the child. Parents commented that Chilcote is a happy and caring school that provides a balance between nurture and an all - round education.

Quality Mark Renewal June 201


Achievement in literacy and numeracy is outstanding. The achievement of pupils working below the expected level of attainment for their age is outstanding.

OFSTED Survey Inspection 2008


Outstanding teaching and high quality academic guidance underpin the exceptional progress of the pupils.